Sharks Practice Rules



1. All spectators must remain seated in the bleachers for the duration of the practice session. Guests are not allowed to stand at the glass or behind the net areas.

2. Spectators are not allowed within the roped off area where players enter and exit the ice. Spectators must remain behind the guard ropes at all times.

3. Spectators are not permitted to bang on the glass at any time

4. Photography is allowed from the bleacher area. Photographs taken must only be used for personal use and spectators are prohibited from attempting to sell or publish any images taken at Sharks Ice per NHL Images policy.

5. Practices may be closed to the public without notice or advance warning at the team’s discretion.

6. For your own safety, guests MAY NOT stand in moving traffic aisles of Sharks Ice seeking autographs. Everyone MUST remain within the designated area outlined by Sharks Ice Management.

7. Sharks Ice Management may ask Spectators to leave Practice Rink at any time; failure to follow requests from Sharks Ice Management shall be cause for removal from Rink.

8. Sharks Ice Management may from time to time and without prior Notice revise these Practice Rules as it deems desirable and/or develop rules for public viewing and San Jose Sharks practices at SAP Center.
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