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Party Agenda
Sample party Agenda based on 1:00-4:00pm party, times vary slightly with days/times

Please Note: Weekday and Night Parties you will eat PRIOR to skating

1:00-1:15pm     Welcome to Sharks Ice!  
                           Guests arrive and are greeted and directed to your party

1:15pm              Get Skates
                           Our party captains will help fit all the children with the right skates and help them onto the ice.  For younger
                           skaters, buckets can be used during weekend afternoon public sessions.

1:25pm              On-Ice Lesson & Free Skate
                            The birthday guests will have a lesson with their Party Captain and continue to skate with him/her

2:35pm              Birthday Party Games
                           All the guest will join us in the center of the ice for some Birthday Party Games centered towards our younger
                           crowd.  Games include the Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, and the Macarena

2:45pm              Zamboni time along with Pizza & Cake in the Party Area
                           During the ice cut, all the guests will join us back in the Party Room for Pizza and Cake.  Party guests will also
                           get to build their very own Zamboni to take home!

3:30pm             More Birthday Games
                          All of the guests will join us back on the ice for some more fun including the Limbo and the Cha-Cha Slide!
                          Listen carefully for your birthday child's bio over the loudspeaker!



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