Birthday Parties | Birthday Rules

Welcome to Sharks Ice! Pizza in Party Room

Guests arrive and are directed to your party and pizza will be served. Your Party Captain will get skates and help guests with skates.

Free Skate

The birthday guests will have a lesson with their Party Captain and then go on the ice to skate with him/her

Birthday Party Games

The guests will join us in the bucket area for some Birthday Party Games centered towards our younger crowd. Games include the Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, Limbo and the Cha-Cha Slide!

Cake & Zamboni Time

Your guests will finish the party in the Party Room with cake! Party guests will also get to build their very own Zamboni to take home as well.

I will be contacting you the week of the party to confirm the number of skaters, as well as place the food and or beverage order.

Saturday/Sunday Afternoon Schedule

12:30          Welcome to Sharks Ice! Pizza in Party Room

1:15            Free Skate

2:00            Birthday Party Games

3:15            Cake & Zamboni Time

Saturday Night

7:00             Welcome to Sharks Ice! Pizza in Party Room

7:45             Free Skate

8:30             Birthday Party Games

9:45            Cake & Zamboni Time

Weekday Afternoons

2:30              Welcome to Sharks Ice! Pizza in Party Room

3:00              Free Skate

4:00              Birthday Party Games

5:00              Cake & Zamboni Time

Weekday Nights

7:00              Welcome to Sharks Ice! Pizza in Party Room

7:30              Free Skate

8:30              Birthday Party Games

9:30              Cake & Zamboni Time

Please Note our Terms and Conditions and visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information.


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