Free Agents

Do you need information about our Adult League?  Visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page

If you are looking for a team to join please review the information below and then click on the link, which will ask you to submit your information electronically.

Information that will be requested:
1) Desired level of play  (see below)
2) Hockey Experience/Skill Level
3) Contact information: full name, e-mail, phone number
4) Position played
5) Important notes

This information will then be displayed for our captains to see via our secure on-line system. Captains will have access to your contact information and experience level. They will contact you directly to determine if you will be able to join their team. In general please allow 1-2 weeks for this process.  The beginnings of the seasons are the best time to find a team.

Free Agent Sign Up link:

Season Information:

Winter season: September through April (24 games + playoffs)  cost: $550 (approximately)
Summer season: April through August (18 games + playoffs) approx $450 (approximately)

*individual player costs are set by teams as teams pay a team fee.  Your captain will inform you what your individual fee will be.

- You will need to register with USA Hockey at once you find a team ($30), as well as fill out a Sharks Ice Waiver (available on the adult hockey website).

*Please note that finding a full-time spot for goalies is extremly limited

Division level Break Down (approx):

A level: Upper Advanced
Bs: Advanced
Cs: Lower Advanced/Upper Intermediate
Ds: Upper Intermediate/Lower Intermediate
Es: Beginners

If you are unsure which level you should be playing in, our league highly recommends watching some games to get a feel for the level of play.  A current schedule can be found by clicking HERE 

You may also consider attending drop-in or Gretzky Hour (open stick time) to get a feel for levels and meet other players who might have openings on their teams.  A current schedule can be found by clicking HERE  

Over 35 League:

If you are over the age of 35, you may consider our Over-35 League. The Over-35 league plays all of its games on Tuesday nights. You are placed on a team by the League. Skill levels generally range from Lower Advanced to Lower Intermediate.

More information about our Over 35 League can be found by clicking HERE  

If you need any further information regarding playing in the Adult League:

Please contact Tyler Shaffar (

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