Senior League

If you are over the age of 35 and looking for a fun and relaxed atmosphere to play hockey and get some exercise, the SIAHL Senior League might be your best bet!

Unlike the coed adult league (SIAHL) the Senior League is managed and operated by Sharks Ice Staff. Please read through this section to find out more specific information on one of the most popular leagues in our program!

The Senior League is composed of two age-specific divisions. The Over 35 and Over 50 divisions play weekly recreational games throughout the year. To learn more and join the mailing list, please reach out the Senior League Supervisor.


Current Season Schedule

The Over 35 division plays only on Tuesday evenings and the Over 50 division plays only on Thursday evenings.

There are three seasons in the Senior League:

Fall: 14 games plus one “mixer/evaluation skate” (time slots usually 9:30/45pm, 11:00/11:15 pm) Runs mid September through December

Winter/Spring: 15 games plus one “mixer/evaluation skate” (time slots usually 9:30/45pm, 11:00/11:15 pm) Runs mid January through April

Summer: 15 games plus one “mixer/evaluation skate” (time slots usually 8:00pm and 9:30pm) Runs mid May through August


Team Assignment

Unlike the coed SIAHL, teams in the Senior League are created by League Management. Prior to the 1st week of the season, there is a light-hearted “Mixer/Evaluation Skate” where new players are evaluated. This is not a try-out but simply a means to create the best equity for all teams.

Generally, the teams will consist of 1 goalie and 15-17 skaters. The League will distribute a colored jersey to all paid players prior to the first scheduled game. Three days after the evaluation, skate team assignments will be displayed online via the “team assignments” link on the Senior League schedule.

Skill Level

Skill levels vary greatly throughout the League from advanced beginner to lower advanced, with most participants being somewhere in the middle. Compared to our coed leagues the range is generally from Division 7 to Division 3.


All registration for the Senior League must be done via our online registration and payment system, DaySmart. Goalies should consult the league manager prior to registration as these spots are usually filled.

No one under any circumstance can participate in any Senior League evaluations or league play until full payment is made and recorded by the League. All players must have USA Hockey number/insurance (available through USA Hockey) and an SIAHL waiver (see bottom of page).The waiver must be submitted and accepted online prior to first skate.

For more information, please contact league supervisor, Bill Whitmore.

Standings Statistics

Simply put, we do not keep statistics for this league. The intention of the League is not to win the division title, or the Hart Trophy (league mvp), but to provide players over the age of 35 a safe, yet competitive hockey environment while enjoying some great exercise!

Specific Senior League Rules

Please read the SIAHL Rules and Regulations  for over 35 specific game formats and equipment requirements. Please note, a player receiving 2 penalties in one game is out for the remainder of the game.