Sharks Practice Schedule

All practices are held on the Sharks Rink and are open to the public. Practices can become closed to the public or canceled without notice.

2022 Training Camp

Tuesday, October 11th - 11:00am (Sharks Rink)

Wednesday, October 12th - 11:00am (Sharks Rink)

Thursday, October 13th - 11:00am (Sharks Rink)

Friday, October 14th - 10:30am (Sharks Rink)

Saturday, October 15th - 10:30am (Sharks Rink)

Tuesday, October 25th - 10:30am (Sharks Rink)

Wednesday, October 26th - 12:00pm (Sharks Rink)

Thursday, October 27th - 10:30am (Sharks Rink)

Friday, October 28th - 12:00pm (Sharks Rink)

Monday, October 31st - 11:00am (Sharks Rink)