All practices are held on the Sharks Rink and are open to the public.**Please make sure to only sit in designated areas and enter through the East Tech CU Arena entrance.

Practices can become closed to the public or canceled without notice.

Monday, April 1st 10:30am (Sharks Rink)
Tuesday, April 2nd 12:00pm (Sharks Rink)
Wednesday, April 3rd 11:00am (Sharks Rink)
Thursday, April 4th 10:30am (Sharks Rink)
Friday, April 5th 12:00pm (Sharks Rink)
Tuesday, April 9th 10:30am (Sharks Rink)
Wednesday, April 10th 11:00am (Sharks Rink)
Friday, April 12th 12:00pm (Sharks Rink)
Saturday, April 13th 10:30am (Sharks Rink)
Sunday, April 14th 11:00am (Sharks Rink)