Gretzky improved his skills one way; he practiced everyday on an outdoor rink.

Obviously, we do not have outdoor rinks in California but we have a solution. With no organized games, no coaches, Gretzky skated and stickhandled for hours experimenting and trying new things. This hour is designed for young players to just skate and work on any aspect of hockey he or she desires. And most importantly to have fun!

Each player is required to sign in before each session. Full USA Hockey Certified equipment required. No outside or private coaches allowed on the ice at anytime. Sharks Ice will provide one coach (afternoon and evening only) for supervision only. Limit 40 skaters and 4 goalies.

Program Fee: $19.00 starting July 1, 2023 per session or buy a package for $190.00 starting July 1, 2023

Players and Goalies have to pay the full fee per session.

Playing without Paying Policy

All customers/participant who enter the ice surface and participate must pay a fee AND check in at the front desk before your scheduled program. This includes private lesson participants for both hockey and skating. Proof of purchase can be either a computer generated receipt or a Sharks Ice admission sticker/wristband. Payment shall be made BEFORE each session has started.

If a customer is caught participating on a session without paying, the following will occur:

First Offense

If a customer is caught participating without paying, he or she will be banned/bared/expelled from the building for a period of 60 days for the first offense. The 60 day ban will begin on the day of the offense. The offending customer will then be placed on the “Banned List” which will be posted at all Sharks Ice and Sharks Ice locations.

Second Offense

If a customer is caught participating without paying for a second time, he or she will be banned for life from all Sharks Ice & Sharks Ice facilities.

Private Ice Coaching

Any coach (independent contractor or employee) giving a lesson (hockey or figure skating) to a customer who has not paid will be suspended and/or terminated immediately without exception.