Do you enjoy bocce ball or shuffleboard? If so, then chances are good that you'll love the popular sport of curling!

The game is easy to learn and is great for individuals or groups of all shapes, sizes and skill levels. Over the past few years, the sport has become quite a hit as part of our corporate or group events as it caters to everyone, is somewhat competitive in nature, and most importantly its safe and fun!

Don’t worry if you don’t know the game, our local group of curling experts will teach you all of the skills necessary to make your first attempt a rock smacking success, and Sharks Ice San Jose will provide the stones and brooms you’ll need!

Game Details

  • Curling is a team game. Local teams are organized by members as they are for bowling or golf leagues and can be categorized into mens, ladies, couples, juniors, seniors, or family groups. Teams can also be organized for special competitions or groups of any age or skill level. Curlers interested in state, national and world competition can enter many events to sharpen their skills.
  • Each team has a skip that acts as team captain and strategist. Strategy is a major factor in curling and is as important as shooting skill. Some people call curling “chess on ice”.
  • Each player shoots or delivers two stones at each end, or inning, alternating with their counterpart on the opposing team. Curling is designed to allow play in both directions. All four team members shoot two stones at each end and sweep for their teammates’ shots. While one player shoots, two sweep as needed. Sweeping polishes the ice so the stone travels farther and vigorous sweeping requires fitness.
  • The object of shooting is to get the stone, or rock, to come to rest at a predetermined place (a draw or guard) or to move another rock (a takeout or raise). The score is determined after each end of 16 stones. A 12-foot circle, the house, is the scoring area. Stones in the house must be closer to the tee (center) than any opposing stone to score. The maximum score in one end is eight points. Typically, one to three points are scored.
  • Games are 8 or 10 ends, lasting 2 hours
  • Curling equipment includes a specially made broom or brush (clubs often furnish brooms for new curlers). Many curlers wear colorful curling sweaters, but any loose fitting, layered clothing can be worn. Shoes should be flat soled, clean, and should grip the ice well for walking. For the delivery, a “slider” should be worn on the sliding foot to allow a long, smooth-sliding follow through.
  • Private Curling events are typically 2 hours long and available on weekdays in the early afternoon.


  • $80 per person for groups of up to 20 people (15 person minimum charge)
  • $70 per person for groups of 21-30 people
  • $64 per person for groups of 31-40 people

All pricing includes 2 hours of private ice rental, all necessary equipment rental, and instructors on the ice with you for the duration of your event

For more information and availability, email Group Sales or call Stephanie Conroy at 408.999.6706 with the number of participants and requested dates/times.