Join a Synchronized Skating Team, Make New Friends, Build Confidence!

Sharks Ice is the home of the ISI World Champion Synchronized Skating Teams, Sharks Ice in Sync. We currently host 63 team members in two youth divisions and one adult. We would like to add an additional youth team for 2020.


Synchronized skating is a fun way for all skaters at any level to improve edge quality, power, speed, and flexibility. All programs are choreographed for the age and ability of each team using the basic synchronize skating elements: Line, Circle, Block, Wheel, and Intersection while skating in unison.  For the beginning skater who has a minimum of skating skills speed and extreme difficulty is not expected. For skaters who have already mastered the basics of good synchronize skating more difficult programs are expected with focus on unison, cleanness, speed and intricate footwork.

Audition Dates

Youth Team 3 average age 9-11. Delta level or higher.

Thursday, March 17-22        4:00-5:00pm

Senior Youth Team 2  average age 12-14.  Freestyle 3 or higher.     

Friday, March 18-22             4:00-5:00pm

Teen Team 1   average age 14-19.  Freestyle 5 or higher.    

Saturday, March 19-22        8:00-9:00am

Please register online in advance.  Try-out will be $20.00 per session.


Audition Fees and 2022 Team Fees must be paid before entering the ice.


Please be sure to read the team qualifications and come to the appropriate audition. If you cannot complete the required maneuver’s, please do not come to that audition.


Teams will be chosen based on the ISI age requirements and the following skill criteria:

Team 1 Skill Requirements

Flip Jump                                             Ina Bauer              

Loop Jump (both directions)             Mohawk/3Turn

Toe Loop                                              Cartwheel    

Splits                                                    Illusion

Superior Forward and Backward Stroking and Crossovers

Spirals all edges, forward and backward

Knee Slide                                           Salchow

Back Lunge                                         Power Pulls

Sit Spin                                               Toe Loop

Bracket                                               Counter                                

Rocker                                                Twizzle  

Heal Stretch (forward and backward) Show Stop (tango stop)                                     

Working on an Axel

Team 2 Skill Requirements

Excellent Forward & Backward Stroking and Crossovers

Loop Jump                                          Salchow

Working on a Knee Slide                    Toe Loop

Working on a Heel Stretch                  1 ft. Spin

Working on a Flip Jump                       Spirals Forward and backward

Mohawk/3Turns                                    T-Stop (both sides)

Heel Stretch                                         Forward and Backward Lunges 

Team 3 Skill Requirements                                                        

Bunny Hop                                           Spiral

½ Flip                                                   Forward Stroking

2 Ft. Spin                                             Two Foot Turn

Forward/Backward Crossovers           Backward Stroking

Mohawk                                               Backward Pumping

T-Stop                                                  Lunge